Our enhanced hygiene practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19

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We’re closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Iceland and responding accordingly. The safety and health of our guests and staff is very important to us. We are doing everything we can to ensure that our guests feel comfortable while visiting us from beginning to end.

If you’re planning a visit to us, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. We’re a small restaurant in a small village—in a big house. In the winter, it’s usually quiet and you can relax knowing that you’ll have plenty of space, as well as professional and personal service.
  2. We accept a maximum of 6 table reservations per hour in the main dining room to ensure that there is enough space between tables.
  3. Menus and other items shared by guests are disinfected after use.
  4. Hand sanitizer and disposable face masks are provided. Sanitizing stations are by the entrance and at the cash register, as well as other locations.
  5. Our servers wear masks when serving guests at their tables or at the cash register.
  6. We ask that our guests wear masks when moving about the restaurant if there are other patrons nearby. While seated, you can of course remove your mask.

Special rules for groups, events, and our Christmas buffet:

  1. We provide large groups with a private room and do our best to keep the groups and other restaurant patrons separate.
  2. For smaller groups at the Christmas Buffet, if there are smaller groups sharing the larger hall, we keep them as far apart as possible to minimize any contact.
  3. For groups and events in a private dining room, the decision about whether or not a mask rule is in place is the responsibility of the group organizer. Mask mandates don’t apply to those who are already in close contact and we don’t know your relationships and level of contact outside the restaurant.
  4. The the Christmas Buffet, where different groups come together, masks are required. A member of staff will serve guests from the buffet so individuals don’t need to use the same serving utensils.
  5. If the rules will change and buffets won’t be permitted or won’t be advised, we will offer a 7-course Christmas menu that will be served to seated guests for the same price.

Stay happy, healthy, and safe! We hope to see you soon.